When all the world was a sphere
in space, encased

No one dreamed the outside 
was bigger than in

So we built from vision 
and ambition,
a craft for sailing skies 
and visiting planets.
It was constructed 
according to a drawing
discovered during 
the twinkle 
of a star.

For a long time 
we travelled 
until we reached
a double gateway 
which opened 
two portals.

Constrained by 
a singular 
sense of reality,
we chose a route 
that seemed to be 
in sympathy 
with the direction 
the wildlife was headed.


So  slowly, ever sliding
up and over moments feet
The stars on the street
find a stream for cooling.

Words  © 2002 by Xaliman.

The artwork on this page is used with  permission of the artist Tim Hammell.
These paintings were part of the cover designed by Tim in 1980 for the
Melodic Energy Commission second album titled Migration of the Snails.

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