Atonal Energy
Time Warp Device
sometimes known as a Theremin
with extreme capabilities
to mold a reality
that exists
only during the sound

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It all began back in 1976 when 
George McDonald
made his first sketches of the present day
Galactic StreamTheremin 
It took an evolutionary 25 years to build.
The parts had to be ordered from another planet.

During those years, George performed with many
simpler variations on the basic Theremin, which
was invented by Leon Theremin back in 1923.

The Gallactic Stream Theremin is a
six antennae device for tuning into
the performers body motions.
Turning them into sonic shivers 
and blankets of warm tones
to surround our ears with imagination's maps.

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and see original early drawings of unusual 
Otherworld music sound generators in the

Theremin Gallery

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