Lyrics from the CD, Time is a Slippery Concept by Melodic Energy Commission
release date: February 15th, 2005

Decisions with Precision
written by and © 2004 Don Xaliman
published by Misty Code Music SOCAN

With so many fine choices
How do I know which one
Is really right to ride upon
To take me on my journey
Somebody asked me one cool morning
If  I ever worried?
I said I had, It made me sad
It wasn't worth the bother

Well, I can't see with the sun in my eyes
And I can't see in the darkest night
It's not always clear to me
I make decisions carefully

Those revelations, revolutions
Spinning us to their sound
The simpler our lives become
The less there is to change
Well, It all comes around to a basic fact
It takes charity to feed
And animals they only fight
In fear of somebody's greed

I make decisions carefully
Only when the light is right