. . . TiMe iS A SLiPPeRY CONCePT. . .

This page is based on abstract thoughT.
As is, the album bY
Melodic Energy CommissioN.

This is where the fUture is alivE.
And insight will crystaLeyes from thE
Ethers of spacE

To opEn up oUr mindS
Beyond tHe vApour ringS

Green knight with a vegetated agenda
Totally unrelated imagery to express the timely message.    Developed by Xaliman

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Migration of the Snails
 Migration Lore
A page of lyrics and story to supplement the Commission's music.
This is really the magi-notic liner notes missing from the original LP Migration of the Snails.

Stranger in Mystery
Stranger Lyrics and More
The never before published lyrics and lore from Stranger in Mystery

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as is this entire slippery concept