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Expanding on his music composition skills,
Xaliman explores the world of video making
with a growing catalogue of integrated
music and visual creations.

eye see said the fox to the mole

These are high resolution videos
that look best when you view them at
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Green Gaia
Dance by Navaro
Music by Pepe Danza



Navaro Franco choreographed and performed this dance at
the Sacred Dance Festival in Vancouver 2009 at the Roundhouse Theatre.
The music was produced, written and performed by Pepe Danza.


Khaendid by Kamüra


A trio of international, improvisational masters,
Henry Kaiser - guitar
Torsten Müller - bass
Randy Raine-Reusch - Thai khaen

Performing live May 22nd, 2009, at the Dance Center, Vancouver, Canada.
From the album Kamüra available on Za Discs.

Chinook Kanaka

written and performed by Blair Hebert
mixed and edited by Xaliman

Chinook Kanaka explores the essence and tenacity of the Hawaiian ancestors,
or Kanaka's, who followed the trade winds and steamship routes north to settle
in Canada. This live performance by Blair Hebert, was captured on video.
We are happy to share it with you and we thank the musicians. ...

Blair Hebert - acoustic guitar, lead vocals
David Sinclair - guitar
Lawrence Mollerup – bass
Joseph Pepe Danza – percussion
Glenda Rae – vocals
Jenifer Brousseau – vocals
Alandra Napoli Kai – vocals & chanting

Brujo de Lujo

( Wizard of Leisure )

the first music video from the 

Melodic Energy Commission CD

Time is a slippery concept

Touching earth with a lover's hand,
this performance of guitarist Don Xaliman
and violinist Azul Salvaje, emits from the
earthy environs of Hornby Island.
In this visually fluid forest, people are
incidental as the true characters are flora.


A walk in the forest with a camera while the flora danced it's windy wonderment.
Back in the studio the music was created in the same fluid style.
This one dates back to summer of 2004

Best viewed Full Screen

EarthDance - 2004 - Vancouver

Wild dancing in the park is enough to part the clouds and the joyous spirit
rains from the blue. Audio is from the camera mic and was created by
the DJ's of Vancouver area with their permission
and in the free spirit of Earthdance.


Kathara - 2003 - Canada

Vancouver is a vibrant multi-cultural city. The Arts have a way with bringing
cultures together and Kathara shows how Filipino dance, music, martial arts
and costumes, can merge with international flair.
Xaliman edited and shot some of this video over the year of 2004.
Sometimes he even played drum and gongs.


Visit Kathara Site


Dragon Dogs 
performed by 

Mei Han & Randy Raine-Reusch

from their album
Distant Wind on Za Discs


Real Media video ~ 12 meg.

This recent 2008 video is a 9 minute
musical spy adventure
The Mission
Musicians on stage are mere door keepers to their image filled songs.
Let us enter this movie from the orchestra pit and adventure with
this group of undercover festive missionaries.

Vancouver's earth funk circus, 

All Purpose
performs live for Independent
Community Television Cooperative (ICTV)


A live performance by the, now extinct, Vancouver (The Drive)
based Earth Funk Circus band called All Purpose.
This event was staged as a benefit for Vancouver Independent
Co-operative Television. Lot's of cameras
and a multi-track audio recording at The Yale Hotel.
A truly hot summer evening.

We caught it in true detective style to place in this video container.


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